By Dixie Terry
Savannah Duringer’s newly published book, “A New Day,” will be on display during Savannah’s “Fine Art and Design Exhibition” on April 22, 6-8 p.m. EST, at McEachem Art Center at 332 2nd Street in Macon, Georgia.

This is a book she has been working on during her senior year at Mercer University in Macon.
Based on Cherokee history and culture, “A New Day” is a children’s book, complete with illustrations by Savannah.

As an art major, Savannah took an illustration class that motivated her to write and illustrate the book.
The story and illustrations were inspired by Cherokee history and culture, with the story line based on the “Go-To-Water Ceremony,” a daily Cherokee ritual, as they walked to the Tennessee River, immersing themselves and saying prayers of thanks in seven directions, to start their day on a positive note.
The geographic location of The Trail of Tears near her Goreville home and a direct Cherokee descent inspired “A New Day.”

“I am beyond excited to share the work I have done to complete “A New Day,”
she said.

Savannah and her twin brother, both seniors at Mercer, are graduates of Goreville High School. Their parents are Dave and Amy Perry-Duringer.

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