Goreville High School Seniors of the Week

By: Kaden Gibson

Goreville has a lot of seniors with big plans after graduation! I asked a couple of these seniors about their plans after high school, and what they expect to see out of their future.

To begin, I spoke with Loren Pribble, a 17-year old senior who has attended Goreville School his entire life. He is a member of FFA; in 2021, he was named the Fiber & Oil Production State Proficiency Winner. He earned this reward by studying the growth of soybeans in different soil types and other deciding factors. When asked what college he plans to attend, Pribble said, “I want to start at Shawnee, and then I plan to transfer to SIU or Murray for an agricultural degree.” For Pribble, the future certainly looks bright!

Next up, we have Emma Golz, a 17-year-old Goreville High School senior. Golz has been attending Goreville for six years, but previously attended Marion until 7th grade. Golz is a cheerleader for the Goreville Blackcats and participates in several academic activities: Golz is the president of the Beta Club, Secretary of the Student Council, vice president of FFA, vice president of the Class of 2022, and a member of FBLA. Golz plans on attending college to become a pediatrician, but has yet to decide on what college she would like to attend to pursue her career.

As one can see, Goreville has some very intelligent and interesting students with a variety of skills and hopes. We wish all students the best of luck in achieving their goals in the future.

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