News from here and there: August 21, 2020

GOREVILLE — 2020 has been the year for extreme changes, it seems, with added words and phrases to our vocabulary.  We were reminded of this as we watched “The National Democrat Convention,” which has been dubbed “The Unconventional Convention.”     

Oh yes, I will take a look at next week’s “National Republican Convention,” just to see what is underway.     

Everything these days is described as “unprecedented,” which it certainly is.     As school begins, we are becoming acquainted with virtual learning; hybrid learning, remote learning and in-person learning, along with the social distancing and other new school terms.     

We have two great-granddaughters attending Marion Junior High, with one having classes on Monday and Tuesday and the other on Wednesday and Thursday, with their brother going to 4th grade at Lincoln School on Wednesday and Friday.  Both their parents work, with their mom changing shifts each week.  Who is going to provide transportation twice a day for these three?  And, this is probably being repeated in households across the country.  Totally unprecedented!     

Let’s all join in at 10 a.m. each day to say a prayer for Reverend Ron Null, who has a serious lung condition.  This has been planned by his congregation at the Goreville Pentecostal Church, who invite one and all to participate.     

For the ‘tweens, age 8-12, at your house, there is an appropriate movie each Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Carnegie Library in Marion.     

For ages 12-19, there is Teen Game Day, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each Saturday at the library.  For youngsters, up to 12, a Lego Club is held at 5:30-7 p.m. each Monday.  These events are all free.     

The Southern Seven Health Dept. is continuing to offer Head Start classes, although they will be held remotely by the staff.  Parents can enroll their children, ages 3-5, by calling 618-634-2297.  Packets of instructions and activities will be provided to use at home, since the class rooms have been closed.     

So far, these events have not been canceled.  However, with the rising of COVID-19 in our county, they may be rescheduled or canceled.  Sept. 24-25, Wonder Water Reunion, Creal Springs.  Oct. 3-4, Blues Junk and Antiques Show, also in Creal Springs.  On Oct. 17, the Marriage Retreat will be held at Eagle House Ministries.  (Call 618-771-7442.)  On Oct. 2, the 10th annual Run for Hope will be held at the Tunnel Hill State trail adjacent to Vienna City Park.  On Oct. 17, the 16th annual Veterans on Parade will be taking place in downtown Marion.  Call 314-375-7179 or 618-967-9415 for more information.     

Seen at the home of Nancy and Dan Norris of Eagle Point Bay on a recent morning was a huge flock of pink flamingos, thanks to the Blackcat cheerleaders, who arrive during the dark of night to quietly leave the birds.  This is a fundraiser and you pay to have them placed to the lawn of your choice.  I wish we had their number.     

Concessions will be available at the Goreville Junior High Girls’ Softball games, following IDPH guidelines.  All food items will be pre-packaged, available to be heated, with social distancing at the concession stand.  Look for the “X”.  Exit to your right toward left field to prevent returning to the line.  Workers will wear masks and gloves.  Everyone is asked to please be patient, since it may take longer than usual. Thank you for your support said Coach Shanna Green  on Facebook.     

Birthdays!  Aug 23, Allen Choate, Carol Kammerer!  Aug 24,Jennifer Craft!  Aug 25, Sandra Smith, Barry Eastman!  Aug 26, Matt Webb, Cindy McCree, Art Jacobs!  Aug 27, Tracey Skuta, Chase Jarvis, Michael Retz, Grayson Webb!  Aug 28, Ashleigh Kellums, Kim Capps!  Aug 29, Vivian Baity, Steve Barnes, Larry Peas, Chad Bailey, JoAnn Maze!  Aug 30, Jon Wright, Shelley Thomas, Heather Russell, Claire Lambert!  Aug 31, Betty Rose, Rick Miller, Lucas Jones!  May you all have many more!     

Congratulations to these couples celebrating wedding anniversaries!  Clyde and Deanie Dillman, Aug. 24!  Glenn and Phyllis Webb, Aug. 25!     

“The Unit” of the Eagle House Ministries accepts good used furniture to donate to those in need.  Call 618-658-1700.     

The Goreville Ministerial Alliance Thrift Shop is holding a “Dollar-A-Bag” sale through the end of August, that will include all clothing, except jeans and shoes.  Fall and Winter merchandise will be on display on Sept. 15.  A toy sale will be underway the last week of August.  A second toy sale will be held Nov. 3-21, on regular thrift shop days, Tues. and Thurs., 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sat. 9 a.m. to noon.     

Working at the thrift shop on Aug 25-27-29 will be volunteers from Goreville United Methodist and Busby Chapel Churches.     

The Johnson County Home and Community Education (HCE) of the University of Illinois Extension has planned three coach trips for 2021.  They include:  Branson Holiday Shows, Nov. 15-17, $585.  Nashville Christmas, Dec. 6-8, $429.  Boston, Salem and Cape Ann, Sept. 28-Oct. 6, $949.  Call Faye Mize at 618-771-0066 for reservations and information.     

Your newsy items are welcomed in this, your community column.  Give a call to 618-422-2086 or email to     

Have a great remainder of the week and stay well!

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