News from here and there: August 15, 2020

GOREVILLE — What was once normal is no longer, as we adapt our busy lives to what is called “the new normalcy.”  Will we ever return to our former lives?  I really doubt it, but in the interim we have to make do, with our present situation.     

Our social lives have changed, as we hesitate about heading out to a movie, eating in a local eatery, going on a trip, or being in a crowd.     

Watching church services on Facebook has become the new norm, as we await the notice that it is safe to gather in the church.     

We avoid crowds at all costs and have concerns about the beginning of school, where there will be fall sports, but should we attend them, we wonder.     

Wearing masks has become another new norm, although they steam up our glasses and make it a bit difficult to communicate.  But, wearing them will save lives, we are advised by those in the know.       

Birthday parties and anniversary celebrations have been altered due to the CORONA-19.  When our great-grandson in Marion turned nine in May, he waved at a line of vehicles, filled with friends, including his triplet buddies from his class at Lincoln School.  The Marion police cars and a fire truck also added to the excitement.  But, no one stopped for the cake and ice cream of which there was too much.  Very different!     

No Apple Festival in Murphysboro was a decision made last week, one that our Marching Blackcats have participated in several times.  More parades will be canceled as the year goes on we are warned.       

The 16th annual Veterans on Parade has been changed from September to October 17, a Saturday, in downtown Marion, beginning at 10 a.m.     

Did you know?  Besides a shortage of toilet tissue, wipes, and other essentials, there is also a recent shortage of Dr. Pepper products.     

The pandemic that took place in 1918 was sometimes called the Spanish Influenza.  However, it did not begin in Spain, but because of that country’s free press reporting it early, while government officials in other countries were in a time of denial and censorship, it became the Spanish Flu.     

Among those who died in 1918 was Friedrich Trump, grandfather of President Donald Trump.  Future President Franklin D. Roosevelt contracted the virus, while serving as Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Navy, but survived.     

675,000 Americans died at that time,  from the virus which affected one-third of the world’s population.     

Now, on to more pleasant happenings in our community.     

Nick Nighswander, GHS grad, recently received a Bachelor of Science Degree from SEMO University, with majors in biology; ecological and evolutionary biology; and wildlife and conservation.     

Another GHS grad, Josh Woelk, received his Bachelor of Science Degree from SEMO U. in Engineering Physics and Mechanical Applications Option.     Congratulations to Annette and Wade Pritchett, who are announcing the arrival of their first granddaughter, after three grandsons.     

Congratulations to Trey McKinney, who will be a sophomore at Goreville High, and his coach, Rick Cheatum, who won the National Title in the “USA Bassin’ Next Generation Championship on June 20-21 at Lake Barkley.  The win added $5000 to Trey’s scholarship fund!  This is the third year in a row, that they have won, with a total of $15,000 in prize money.  Trey caught the big bass of the day at 5.41 pounds, placing second place on day 1, and first place on day 2, with a total of 31.19 pounds.  In the meantime, the two are trying to qualify for the Junior Bassmaster Nationals to be held at Kentucky Lake.     

National Dog Day is coming up on August 26.  How do you celebrate this?     Parents with youngsters, aged 3-5, can register them for the full program of Head Start by calling 618-634-2297.  Although the Southern Seven Healthcare Dept. has canceled on-site classes, they will be providing information and activities for parents and children in the Southern Seven counties.     

Mark your date book for the following that have not yet been canceled or rescheduled:  Sept. 24-25. Wonder Water Reunion, Creal Springs.  Oct. 3-4, Blues Junk and Primitives Event, also in Creal Springs.     

A Marriage Retreat will be held at Eagle House Ministries on Oct. 17, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., led by Sam and Paula Nance.  To make reservations, call Jennifer at 618-771-7442.     

Eagle House Ministries is also sponsoring their 10th annual “Run For Hope,” at the Tunnel Hill State Trail, adjacent to the Vienna City Park, on Oct. 2.  Call 618-658-7442 for reservations or information.     

Correction Section:  The correct address for sending checks for “Blessings in a Backpack,” is: Barb Watkins, 7680 Dutchman Lake Road, Tunnel Hill, 62972, not Goreville, as we reported last week. 

All churches, organizations, and individuals are urged to donate for this program that provides weekend food for those youngsters who need assistance, in all our county grade schools.     

The Little Egypt Quilters will now meet at a new location, the Center Baptist Church at 18800 Crab Orchard Road.  Their first meeting was Aug. 12, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The group previously met at the Lake Egypt Fire Department.  They create “Quilts of Valor” to present to veterans of the area.  For information on this active organization, call Ann Collins at 618-694-7484 for more.          

Secretary of State Jesse White is hosting a virtual National Minority Donor Awareness Month: to promote organ/tissue donations for multicultural communities at  Although Illinois has almost 7 million registered as organ/tissue donors, there are some 4000 people waiting for transplants.     

Southern Illinois Equine, west of Goreville, is holding a registered catalog sale on Saturday, Aug. 22, with a tack sale at 11 a.m. and a horse sale at 1 p.m.  Cattle sales are held the 2nd and 4th Mondays at 1 p.m.  Goat and sheep auctions are underway the 1st Tuesday at 6 p.m. Call 618-995-9365 for more.     

Birthdays!  Aug. 16, Bob McCuan!  Aug. 17, Brooke Pritchett, Taylor Taborn, Martha Ethridge, Nicky Rehder!  Aug. 18, Virginia Webb, Adam Francis, Rawley Max and Brooks Allen Falmier! Aug. 19, Joy Jones and her Aunt Cora Childers, Kelbey Harper, Tim Quigley!  Aug. 20, Tyler Johnson, Andrayah Hill, Ned Ray, Vernon Coffey! Aug. 21, Ronnie Hancock!  Aug. 22, David Comp, Chase Dauksavage!  May you all have many more!     

A belated happy birthday to Misty Rowe on August 10!     

Congratulations to these couples who will be celebrating wedding anniversaries:  Cindy and Gary Parmley, August 21!  Sue and Fred Cato, August 18!  Don and Lois Kerley, whose special anniversary, the 70th, was on August 13.  I hear that children, grands and greats popped in all weekend.     

For those with good, used items of furniture, give a call to Eagle House Ministries, who will donate it to those in need.  Call 618-658-1700.     

The Johnson County Home and Community Education (HCE) of the University of Illinois Extension will be providing coach trips in 2021 for area adults.  You do not have to be an HCE member to attend.  The coach trips will include:  Boston, Salem and Cape Ann, Sept. 28-Oct.6.  Branson Christmas Shows, Nov. 15-19.  Nashville Holidays, Dec. 6-8.  Call Faye Mize at 618-771-0066 for more.     

The Jo. Co. Genealogical and Historical Society has rescheduled their fall programs to Spring 2021.  Stay tuned.     

Your newsy items are welcomed for this, your community column.  Call 618-422-2086; email to or via mail at 907C Independence Avenue, Marion, 62959.     

Have a great weekend and stay well.

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