New publication to cover Goreville community news

Coming to Goreville news stands

GOREVILLE — Goreville is about to have its own newspaper again — just weeks after H&R Media made their decision to discontinue publishing the Goreville Gazette, a new startup was underway.     

The weekly Goreville Gazette served the Goreville/Lake of Egypt communities since the 1970s, with five different editors in command over its history.     

Weekly newspapers serve their communities with hyper-local content not broad enough for larger, daily publications. Small-town weeklies cover local events like a 5-year-old’s birthday party; wedding photos; obituaries; school activities and sporting events; who is in the hospital; yard sales; fund raisers and benefits for someone in need; church events; and so much more, including advertisements from local businesses.     

For several years now, we have had our technological gadgets that give us instant news, which has resulted in our younger population discontinuing reading the weekly newspapers.     

However, we older folks still enjoy sitting down and absorbing the local happenings of the week from our held-in-hands newspaper.       

This will be the purpose of the Goreville News!  It will hopefully be filled with lots of newsy items all about our school, organizations, churches and families.     

When the Goreville Gazette was discontinued in the last week of May, Dr. Steve Webb contacted Jody Perrotto, one of his neighbors, whose family has been publishing newspapers across the country for decades. They made plans for a continuing news source in the community and contacted area media people for assistance in putting together a new publication. Matt Todd will be in charge of putting the paper together each week with assistance from a former Gazette writer.     

It is in the planning to have students in a new journalism class at Goreville High School to provide informational items from the local school, including full coverage of Blackcat sports.     

Other locals will provide community news, with interesting historical items, upcoming activities and what is underway in Goreville, Lake of Egypt, and the surrounding communities.     

Recently, the newspaper has been online for the past month, with a “real newspaper” soon to be found each week at area businesses.

News from our readers is welcome by contacting Dixie Terry at 618-422-2086 or     

We are depending on our citizens to become regular readers and contributors to the “Goreville News.”

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